Salvia Divinorum should not be used as party drug

What is Salvia Divinorum: Salvia is a plant which has minimum 100 species. But Salvia divinorum is the most popular species of salvia. It’s the part of very large family which name isLabiates. Most of the people plant this salvia for psychoactive effects. It also enhances the beauty of house. The botanical meaning of this plant is “Sage of the Diviners”.  Besides it has been used for hundred years in religious occasion in India. Salvia divinorum is a confused plant which has received enhancing concentration for its recreational use, particularly among young people in the United States. Salvia is propagated from southern Mexico, where it was used by people of the Mazatec a culture. Thesubstance is demolishedorally with different ways.

Several methods of taking: There are different methods are available for taking this Salvia Divinorum. People can enjoy salvia with Mazatec method which means taking leaves directly, quid method, by smoking or with tea. These ways are very popular when someone wants to take salvia.Mazatec method means that the fresh leaves are taken directly. Plenty of fresh leaves are needed for this Mazatec method. In this method first of all the leaves are crunched and then people swallow. It works for long time but it is not tasted well. Most of the users are compatible to this method. Besides, people are habituated to taking salvia with tea. It tastes better than directly. Moreover people take it by chewing the leaves which method is also familiar. This method is called quid method. Quid method is applied with dry leaves or fresh leaves though maximum users use fresh leaves in this method. A cylinder or sphere shaped ball are generated for covering the leaves. Then users crunch the leaves for half an hour. It doesn’t work for long time. But now the large number of users takes it by smoking. This modern method is very appealing to the users.

Uses:Some new users think that salvia is a party drug but actually it doesn’t work as like as alcohol and Cannabis.  It can’t bring the real party mood to the people. It is mainly used for religious purpose. Besides, vastly usage of salvia is in mediation. For bringing real concentration it can be a good option. When people feel mental depression in their mind they can taste it with sitters or real close friend in a quiet place. Otherwise, the bad effect can be showed. Calm and quiet place should be selected for this herb or plants.

Legality: Salvia got the legality in most of the countries though some country totally banned on salvia selling as like as Belgium, Germany, Spain and Denmark.