The Legality, Sales and Use of Liquid Aromas Or Poppers in Australia

The aim of this article is to provide Australian users of Poppers the real truth about, legality, use, safety and of course, where to buy the best Poppers in Australia.

Poppers or Amyl got their start in the San-Francisco Gay Community back in the late 70s early 80s and were used as a sex aid. With the spread of HIV, Amyl was blamed as the cause of the disease and was pushed underground to the point where everyone used it but no one spoke about it. They were sold openly over the counter at your local spa or bath house until the crack down of its sale by the US Government, making it illegal to manufacture any product with the active ingredient of Amyl Nitrate or Alkyl Nitrate, but it was not illegal to import and distribute these products, go figure? This lead to a huge boom in International manufacturers such as Canada and England until the good old US Government cracked down again making the importation of Nitrate products illegal. So the manufacturers decided to change the chemical composition from Nitrate to Nitrite, very similar but certainly not the same, making it once again legal to sell, manufacture and distribute these products. You may call it crafty but never the less still legal and certainly within the bounds of the law.

Now, every country is different when it comes to sale and distribution of these products. I am not speaking for any other country in the world except for Australia where the laws regarding Amyl are as clear as the US laws. It is illegal for any company operating within Australia to manufacture, sell and distribute Amyl Nitrate, that’s a fact. Regarding the manufacture of Amyl Nitrite or Alkyl Nitrite products here on our shores I am certain you need a specific licence issued by the Government to do so. It is not Illegal to import and distribute Amyl Nitrite products here in Australia and they certainly are not illegal to purchase either.
So I guess you are asking yourself, then why are they distributed as Video Head Cleaner and Leather Cleaner then? Well, the answer is very simple, depending on the country of importation will depend on what is written on the packaging. Some countries do not require the chemical ingredients to be displayed on its packaging while other countries do and sometimes the chemical ingredients of these products are so very similar to the make up of Video Head Cleaner and Leather Cleaner that the country of origin requires some type of product classification.
Now, I hear you say, then if it is legal to buy then why do sleazy sex shops have it under the counter? Again, that comes back to our Governing body, the TGA or Therapeutic Goods Association and their lack of knowledge of these products. I can name at least 15 Adult Shops in Sydney alone that have had their stock confiscated for testing by the TGA, just to make sure that it is Amyl Nitrite and not Amyl Nitrate that is in those little bottles. With so many brands on the market and new ones constantly appearing, they, the TGA, feel the need to test every bottle in your shop just to make sure. So at the end of the day shop owners decide not to display these products limiting the persecution and the hassle by the TGA. In some ways pulling a bottle from behind the counter looks a bit dodgy, but you can now certainly sympathise with the shop owners. It’s just like a bottle shop owner having all of his Russian Vodka confiscated and tested for alcohol content to prove that it is actually 70 proof Vodka.

So what does Amyl do then? Liquid aromas, Poppers, Amyl Nitrite are commonly used as inhalants or room odourisers. These are often iso-butyl nitrite compounds that are breathed through the nose, sometimes with the aid of an aromatherapy inhaler which cause increased sensation during sexual and day to day activities. Poppers are commonly sold in brands such as rush poppers, Taiwan blue, pig sweat, English, Amsterdam and more. Locker room and Rush have been best selling aromas for the last 40 years and have been featured in many San Francisco based magazines and newspapers that are favored by gay men. Poppers are commonly used by gay men to create and enhanced and pain free sexual experience. The effects created by Poppers are fairly universal for all users depending on the brand of Amyl. Brands manufactured in the USA like Rush, Rave and Quicksilver will give the user an intense head rush followed by a minute or two of euphoria, while brands manufactured in Canada and the UK like ZBest and Colt Fuel, Man Scent and jacked will give the user a total body experience followed by a more intense feeling of euphoria for at least 5 to 10 minutes. All Poppers lower the blood pressure and relax the muscles both externally and internally making anal sex a lot more pleasurable.

Regardless of the minor side effects and risks many men and women still use poppers to this day. These kind of aromas are available in small glass or plastic bottles and are generally 15ml or 30ml in size. They can be kept fresh by storing in a cool, dry place like a bedside table but contrary to popular belief they should not be stored in the fridge or freezer.

When buying poppers online consumers need to be sure that they are the original aromas and not a knock off of a famous brand. I have found a number of sellers in Australia but only trust a certain few when it comes to my Aroma needs. If you are looking for a very reputable supplier on line then try PopperExpress Their products are one hundred percent genuine and they have a huge selection at extremely reasonable prices. Don’t get ripped off by going to get your poppers at a sleazy sex shop or cruise club and pay double the price for something that may not even be the real deal. Do yourself a favor and try and plan a little in advance. Again try I strongly recommend them.

It is never recommended to abuse poppers and they should always be used in accordance with the labeling on the product. If you do use them as inhalants you should know the risks and are encouraged to always be safe with any sexual or potentially dangerous activity! Please always follow the safety warnings and always play safe.